We Love Käsekuchen

Everyone loves Käsekuchen

The idea

We bring cheesecake into a bottle!

And the result is really good! Laumer’s Cheesecake looks like a golden baked cheesecake,
smells like a freshly baked cheesecake and the taste is the final proof of the success of our product.


100% cheesecake taste from a bottle.
They said, that you even taste the shortcrust pastry.

The makers


Markus Lozar is an experienced bartender and manages the Laumer Bar Cafe in the beautiful gold-beating town Schwabach, where everything started. He is the leader in the Laumer’s Cheesecake Machinery and is among others responsible for production and logistics.


Daniela is a trained office clerk and ran successfully her own Cocktailbar in Nuremberg for many years. She knows her way around the Bar scene and knows what is important. Her focus at Laumer’s Käsekuchen is placed on sale and marketing.

The story


A bar, the “Laumer Bar Cafe”, at spring 2014. A man who wants to create a cocktail. The result: the birth of Laumer’s cheesecake!


January, founding of the company Laumer’s Käsekuchen. Can you drink cheesecake? You can! Spring 2015, first batch of hand-filled Laumer‘s cheesecake.


Are you still bake, or are you already drinking? The onslaught is overwhelming, gastronomy, food retail trade and beverage specalist shops appear on the scene. The cheesecake machinery is in full swing. Press, TV and radio reports follow.


April, founding of the company Laumer’s distribution. Expansion of the distribution network. It is said, that you even taste the shortcrust pastry. Our first trade fair participation and shooting of our first promotional video. Laumer’s cheesecake remains fully on the road to succes


Peace, joy, cheesecake? No way! Sales offensive! The first international trade fairs! 7 trade fair participations in one year! New taste shortly before publication. New design for labels, cartons, website & online shop.


Laumer’s cheesecake spread over 40 trade fairs, festivals and events across Germany and Austria. Hooray, the new taste is there! Laumer’s Black Forest Cherry Cake is launched!

Aida introduces Laumers cheesecake on their cruise ships!


Laumer’s cheesecake, for everyone who can’t get it baked ?! The family business grows, 2 family members join the company. Participation in the opening gala of the Berlinale. Many plans & ideas in our heads, so it remains exciting!

Do you still have them all?!

If not, here you can get them in all sizes, and that, still sended directly to your home.

Our Dealers

Whether Edeka or “Wurzelsepp”, here you will find our retailer, either on the map or a little further down sorted by postcodes.

We can‘t guarantee the availability of our goods at the addresses indicated by us. So it is better to contact the selected point of sale before to avoid unnecessary ways.


You have questions? No problem. Send us a message via the contact form below. We will answer as fast as possible!

Our cocktails

Käsekuchen Colada

2cl cream, 4cl Laumer’s Käsekuchen, 2cl white Rum

Fill with pineapple juice and shake!


4cl Laumer’s Käsekuchen , 3cl Vodka or white Rum, 2cl cream, 2cl Lime juice, 3cl passion fruit juice, 3cl orange juice. Shake and enjoy!


quater a half lime, a half spoonful brown Sugar, 1cl lemon juice, mash, Crushed-ice, 4cl Laumer’s Käsekuchen, 2cl Vodka, stir

Käsekuchen Sour

5cl Laumer’s Käsekuchen, 5cl lemon juice, 1cl Sugar syrup, A half spoon powdered sugar, 2cl orange juice, shake. Drink.


Cocktail Shaker mit Eiswürfel füllen, 4 cl. Laumer’s Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, 2 cl Rum, 2 cl Sahne, Schuss Zitronensaft, mit Bananensaft auffüllen … sehr sehr lecker

Schwarzwald Tonic

Longdrink Glas mit Eiswürfel füllen, 2 cl. Laumer’s Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, 2 cl Gin, mit Tonic auffüllen, umrühren – perfekt


Laumer`s Vertrieb
Fröbelstraße 3
90522 Oberasbach
Telefon: +49 (0) 911-3680969
E-Mail: info@laumers.com